Campbell Creek Trail Part II, Anchorage, Alaska

Day One Hundred Twenty-Two: Tonight my daughter, our friend John, and of course Chaco hit the trails through Campbell Creek Tract. Not a lot of sun. A whole lotta rain. We walked 3.3 miles along a different trail then earlier in the week. The walk today was especially fun because the rain and drizzle changed the mood of the woods. We only saw five or six people so that part was a little spooky. In the past, I would have been a little freaked out in the woods but my adrenaline never spiked once. Of course, we carry bear mace and make as much noise as possible. I am surprised no moose caught up to us though. My fear of walking in the woods is becoming less all the time the more I do it. I concentrate on breathing fresh air, stretching my legs, having fun with family and friends, and looking for beautiful and interesting images to capture.

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