Ray E. Storck Homestead Park, Anchorage, Alaska

Day One Hundred Twenty-Four: Alaska is magical. Pure and simple. It’s a mystical, magical place on earth. Just when I thought my emotions were in check, I visited Storck Park. Have you ever been overwhelmed by peace and tranquility? In a good way. Awestruck?

Saturday was beautiful. The sun teased me behind the clouds. Part of the walk the clouds looked angry and dark and at other times the sun squeezed through and warmed my face and heart. The breeze was smooth and crisp. The air tasted fresh and pure. The invigorating air and extended daylight hours encourages my night owl tendencies.

I’ve been to this park several times over the years, watched my kids play soccer and sold baked goods for fundraisers. This visit was different. This outing was special. There were only two or three other visitors at the park when my daughter, Chaco, and I arrived. By the time I finished my walk (alone I might add, since my daughter got bored) I had the sense that I was at the top of the world. Surrounded by the strength of the mountains. Comforted by the love of the landscape. I know, I sound a little nutty right now. It’s the air I tell you.

Storck Park is in an area known as Bear Valley. It’s located at 7020 Clarks Road in Anchorage. Park opens at 6AM although I’m not sure how that is monitored. Parking is free. Views are priceless.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

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