Hilltop Ski Area, Anchorage, Alaska

Day One Hundred Twenty: Tonight we took a stroll at Hilltop Ski Area. I think it was the first time I’ve seen the parking lot empty. Talk about a ghost town. My daughter and I were reminiscing about the kids snowboarding and skiing over the years. My first thought about Hilltop is always the day I dropped my middle son. Well, I didn’t actually drop him because I did some fancy footwork and caught myself. My oldest son (five years of age at the time) was enrolled in a ski class and I was walking along the sidewalk at the lodge, when I took one step forward and the next thing I remember is picking myself up off the ground. I was totally freaked convinced my son had hit his head on the concrete/ice. Of course, he was screaming which made me even more afraid I had caused him brain damage. I was shaking and crying as a guy walked up to help me and all I could do was ask him if my son hit his head. The nice man opened the door for me and reassured me several times that I broke the fall and my son never touched the ground. I remember my boots were scuffed and I had a large tear in my pants in the knee area. I walked into the lodge and went directly to the ski patrol’s office to ask for help. They promptly checked my son for injuries then I and everything was fine. I had to wait another hour for my older kiddo so I walked carefully back to my truck, sat in the driver’s seat, and counted my blessings.

Well, that’s what I always think about when I go to Hilltop. My plan is to explore the trails in summer weather and extended daylight to create new memories. I’m ready!

Thank you for visiting my blog.

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